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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 9, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a gun inside the spartan complex building close to south 4th and san carlos streets. >> san jose police say somebody reported a man brandished a gun a few blocks from campus. when officers got there, they spotted the suspect who took off toward the campus. for hours they went floor by floor, room by room, finding the suspect in the third floor ceiling hiding in the duct work. a handgun was found in the area. >> i'm thinking about all the things that have happened in recent weeks. i think there have been numerous things we've been worried about in the area recently. >> police say there were three women inside the complex. two were immediately escorted out. the third student barricaded herself until it was safe to exit. happening today, the first artist will take the stage for outside lands. >> while there's always excitement about the music, security is always top of mind. we'll get to abc 7 news
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liz kreutz tracking that, but first let's get a collect of radar. woke up this morning, hey, you need to do some work today. we've got showers out there. mid level and upper level. it's evaporating before it reaches the ground. we're seeing stars. the meghan markle is gone. the showers helped lift the lid off it. the cloud cover is mid and upper level clouds. a gorgeous sunrise around 6:18. cloudswill hang on through lunch. increasing sunshine this afternoon through sunset at 8:09. temperatures start mid 50s to around 60. mid 60s to mid 70s at noon. temperatures below average once again. one more chance of wet weather tomorrow and then summer heat comes back on sunday. i'll wrap all that upcoming up next. here is frances. starting with a nice quiet ride at the bay bridge toll plaza. a minor wait for cash paying lanes right now. as we take a look at the san
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mateo bridge, traffic is flowing well in both directions. that's westbound traffic on the rrchd side heading towards foster city and san mateo. lots of green on the maps except for the westbound 580 stretch out of tracy. that's where we're seeing slowing on westbound 205 as you make your way towards the altamont pass. from tracy to dublin is 40 minutes. antioch to concord is green at 14 minutes. 101 also looks great san rafael to san francisco. 16 minutes right now. thanks, frances. happening today the first artist will take the stage for outside lands. >> childish gambino, i believe paul simon closing it out as well. security top of mind. there are changes this year. abc 7 news report r liz kreutz joining us with that. >> reporter: 210,000 people
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expected this weekend. you know security is already tight, but this year it is going to get even tighter in light of the mass shootings across the country. most important thing to know, no standard size backpacks or bags with large pockets allowed inside unless they're completely clear and see through. >> we stand prepared with a security plan to address what we know are fears that some of the people who plan to attend this concert might have. >> security is really important. not only a robust san francisco police department deployment but private security that will be working with us. >> reporter: i want to show you this video from past years at the festival. people easily jumping the single fence to illegally gain entry. this year double fencing will go up to prevent this and you'll have to go through metal detectors. >> most people we talked about
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are happy about these things. something else has nothing to do with security, but cannabis. we'll have more on that later in the show. live in san francisco, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. >> making history this year. a newly revealed search warrant is revealing more details about the 19-year-old who went on a shooting rampage at the gilroy garlic festival. police discovered a second semi automatic assault rifle in the shooter's home, found three magazines holding 30 rounds each. a search of the 19-year-old's car turned up a passport and the gilroy garlic festival pam plett. a motive for the attack that killed three people and wounded 16 others is still unclear. san rafael taking a symbolic step against gun violence. mayor gary phillips ordered flags to remain at half staff in seven city buildings indefini
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indefinite indefinitely. the flags were lowered in honor of the lives lost in gilroy, el paso and dayton. this morning the trump administration is defending immigration raids in mississippi. i.c.e. agents took nearly 700 people into custody wednesday. moan far kosar abdi has the details. >> reporter: this was the scene at several food processing plants in mississippi where i.c.e. officials targeted workers believed to be undocumented. agents apprehending nearly 700 mainly hispanic immigrant workers, taking them away on bus, leaving some children without a parent at home. >> very heartbraking, especially to hear a child crying out for their parents. it's very disturbing. it's unfortunate. >> in an exclusive interview, acting homeland security secretary said 40% of the people detained in that raid have been released. >> we're see sog many vulnerable families and children crossing
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the border. >> reporter: the raids were the largest to occur as president trump took office and come as the number of people in i.c.e. custody hovers near all-time highs. the overcrowding forcing construction of temporary holding areas. in this facility several migrant families can be seen lying down on mats wrapped in silver mylar blankets. >> if they're interested in terrorizing the latino community, they have succeeded. >> top mississippi politicians, including governor phil bryant took place. >> reporter: the raids took place as president trump took off for el paso. abc news asked kevin mack lean nan if there were thoughts of postponing the raids, but he said plans were in place long before. mona kosar abdi, abc news, washington.
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in the north evacuated as crews battle to control this wildfire. sky 7 flying above lake county as flames burned dangerously close to homes. the gulf fire broke out along the southwestern shore of clear lake. it's scorched about 19 acres of land and is 30% contained. fortunately no reports of buildings damaged so far. pg&e cut power to a subdivision near that fire as a precaution. the wait is almost over for thousands of east bay commuters. a.c.e. transit is resuming service to sales force center in san francisco. limited service starts this weekend. a full commute schedule begins on monday more. ac transit has been using a temporary terminal while crews repaired cracked beams. it has happened again. ashes stolen from a car right here in the bay area. >> the government tries to clarify the rules for people flying with emotional support
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animals. what's in and what's out? >> san francisco is notorious for its cool summer nights, but that is slowly changing. 4:38 in the morning. all that still ahead. first, you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. that means you, mike. let's jump in with our neighborhood temperatures. 56 in berkeley. richmond 59. orinda 57, castro valley 58. 57 in fremont. everybody else 60 to 62 degrees. you live in the east sfwha 57 in in san jose. 63 in mountain view. 58 in san francisco. look at this. no marine layer. as we expected, the low lifting. the low will bring us a slight chance of a sprinkle the closer you are to the coast in the north bay. cool to warm on north transit. east bay valley, cloud cover through 11:00, increasing sunshine. temperatures in the mid 80s this afternoon. peninsula, cloud cover through
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11:00 and then sunshine and mid to upper 70s this afternoon. we'll have high to mid level clouds also covering the south bay through about 11:00. sunshine will break out this afternoon. we'll make a run at 80 degrees. we've got a chance of a stray e tonight. then a big change in the forecast for next week. i'm show you that coming up. first, a long week for commuters. >> it's been a rough week but today is looking good. let's hope it stays that way. we'll see a friday nice morning ride here on interstate 80 for headlights moving westbound. no problems right now. no delays coming off the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza. we're heading to the north bay and showing you a live shot of 101 in san rafael. that's southbound traffic on the right-hand side moving past the parkway past 580 and down to the golden gate bridge. the ride on southbound 101 from san francisco to sfo on the
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peninsula is ten minutes. it's looking good on 880 as you make your way to the maze. and northbound 101 problem-free in san jose towards the
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. the northeast corner of the state is where we have our best chance of thunderstorm, not only today and tomorrow. that's why we have a red flag warning for this entire area including mt. shasta.
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that's where the high fire danger will be. temperatures in the mid 80s. sea breeze definitely getting up there, sacramento, 92 in fresno. 108 in palm springs. more sunshine, 75 to 81 around san diego. a breezy 69 with a lot of cloud cover in monterey. if you're heading to tahoe, blustery and 71. look at this. a touch of autumn. 765 tomorrow and 74 sunday. nowhere near our average high of 82. >> thanks, mike. listen to this. a family from el paso, texas flew to san francisco to spread their loved one's ashes, but someone stole them from the car minutes before the ceremony. >> hard to believe this is the second story we've covered. melry woodrow has the story you will only see on abc 7 news. >> reporter: william thomas brennan and his sister grew up in san francisco, playing as children in the cave near cliff house. >> whenever i come to town, i feel like it's my second home. >> reporter: it's where brennan
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asked his son to spread his ashes. >> my dad loved the city. >> reporter: the family parked their here. >> we went in for drinks and wait for the family to get there. >> reporter: when they came outside, they saw the window smashed, the backpack with the ashes stolen. >> i lost it completely. >> can you imagine? can you imagine? >> i lost him all over again, i lost him twice. >> reporter: the same pain another family felt in 2017, their loved one's ashes stolen from a rental car at fisherman's wharf. police responded after abc 7 reported it and recovered the scatter tube. while william was looking for the ashes, police found them on top of a vehicle wrapped in a sweatshirt. >> i'm so thankful for them. >> it was like one of those really, really bad days that turned out to be like a miracle. >> reporter: after losing him
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andm,hi the family spread william thomas brennan's ashes, fulfilling his final wish. >> free at last. free at last. >> reporter: thanks to two san francisco police officers who showed up and made a difference. >> we gave them too many hugs and kisses and took lots of pictures with them. >> a really, really long journey to get here. they made it happen. they saved my dad. >> reporter: in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. the gtransportation department says airline employees can barney animal they consider to be a safety threat. carriers cannot impose a blanket ban on entire breeds like bit pulls. they can't demand it from passengers who use service animals like guide dogs. summer nights getting warmer in san francisco. scientists says it's because
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we're burning fossil fuels and burning green spaces. the organization climate central found our overnight temperatures rose three degrees from 1970 and 2018. the national weather service says the average low in the city is 56 degrees. that trend in san francisco warming trends nationwide. three degrees doesn't sound like a lot, but it can really make an impact. >> it really can. when you start warmer, you'll end up warmer a lot of times. when you do that, you start affecting the ecosystem. it's a whole circle of life, if you will. the thing we also have to worry about is the more we build. we keep talking about housing crisis. hopefully when they build these houses we desperately need, they'll make them green. it's the housing, the lack of vegetation, the blacktop and the assault that keep the temperature up. >> we're seeing that in berkeley, no longer allowing natural gas, only electric. >> i'd love to see every
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government building should have solar panels on it. they should set the standard for everybody else to follow. sure, it costs a little more money. i think it's worth it. let's talk about what's going on weatherwise. nice discussion, guys. i appreciate that. here we are at mt. tam. 54 degrees. breezy, about 24-mile-per-hour winds. clouds, mid and upper level clouds. no low clouds out there and no heat today. the clouds will get a little thicker tonight vgt drizzle for sure, a stray shower possible, absolutely. we'll flip the switch and bring heat back through the extended forecast. let's take a look at los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy, mid to upper 70s. 70 to 76 your spread along the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast with mid to upper 60s in downtown, south san bodega bay cooler at 62. vaeast.
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everybody else around 70 to 76 degrees. low to mid 80s in the east bay valleys. with the humidity higher, temperatures upper 50s to mid 60s. that's going to be a little milder when we wake up tomorrow morning. area of low pressure off to the west. look what it does. here you go. that's the verga we're seeing this morning. it will move to the east. increasing sunshine. look at the green getting close to the coast tomorrow morning. that's why i think we'll wake up to drizzle and a slight chance of a shower. we'll get off tomorrow mainly dry, but very cool. you can see we flip the switch sunday. it gets rather hot by monday. frances? >> mike, we're seeing slowing for folks heading out of tracy this morning. that's the only hot spot right now. westbound 205 slow due to earlier road work. you can see it's moving around 11 miles per hour and starts to pick up as you make your way into the altamont pass.
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also a heads-up, you may want to consider b.a.r.t. later tonight and through the weekend. they'll be running longer trains and not going to be single tracking due to special events. if you're headed to the raiders game, the pistahan festival,fest lands, b.a.r.t. will be a good option. traffic is delay free, looking good on all bay area bridges. here is a look at the san mateo bridge. it's an easy ride westbound, only 13 minutes across as you make your way out of hayward into foster city and san mateo. atlanta is bank electric scooters at night during what's become a deadly summer for riders. >> google problem missing to save you money on your next flight. in today's tech flight, a new ban on e-scooters. >> the city of atlanta is fed up after four deadly accidents. it's banning scooters and bikes between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
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google flights is offering a new price guarantee. users will be refunded the difference if airfares drop unexpectedly, but only for a limited time. >> google monitors prices after you book and it will let you know if the ticket price dips and says refunds will be issued automatically. a new and improved robot bartender on the market. version two of the ai drink maker. >> the new barsys 2.0 has a library of 2,000 drinks. users can customize your creations. it will set you back $1,500. those are your tech bites. >> the flight thing is interesting. >> you always have a little bit of -- should i wait? >> always. it's like an entire hero's journey any time you book a flight, absolutely. the fbi wants to mine social media for social threats but it may face a battle. a muslim-owned store
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vandalized with hate speech. the woman arrested is not being charged with a hate crime. a warning you suffer from
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giants and phillies to night at oracle. we're back to the usual start time, 7:15. it's going to be 63 degrees dropping down to 61. not quite as breezy as normal. have fun. >> thanks, mi. in the east bay police arrested
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a woman they say confessed to writing anti-muslim graffiti. the woman in the hoodie was captured tuesday on surveillance video vandalizing international market and grill on treat boulevard. she wrote "no muslims, go away to hell." she said she had an argument with the muslim person last week and was still angry. she will not be charged with a hate crime. instead charged with vandalism and property damage. >> i was concerned. i was shocked to see something like that happen, especially in this beautiful community. >> the store owner says business has been bustling since the incident with people turning out as a show of support. the fbi could be headed toward a showdown with facebook and other social media companies. it plans to hire outside contractors to monitor online threats. the fbi began asking for proposals for an early alerting tool last month. it wants private contractors to
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use it gather and feed user data to law enforcement. the toll would r would lie late facebook's ban on using data -- there's a new study that suggests drinking too much coffee may be a trigger for migraines. researchers at harvard and brigham and women's hospital in boston found three or more cervix of caffeinated beverages a day had a 40% higher chance of experiencing a migraine that or the next day. drinking one or two cervix had no noticeable effect. this is the first study to find the link between caffeine and migraines. but people who suffered lie grains long suspected this is the case. let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> some of the medicine, kpet rin migraine has caffeine in it. interesting.
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4:56 on friday. breezy today with afternoon sunshine. a chance of drizzle tomorrow morning, then partly cloudy and 62. milder sunday with more sunshine and 65 degrees. in fact, let's take a look at the weekend forecast tomorrow. temperatures still below average. 60s, 70s and 80s through the bay to our inland neighborhoods. look for the split, already 90s in fairfield, antioch, concord, livermore. it gets hotter monday. i'll show you the hottest days in the accuweather seven-day forecast. there's road work in oakland on the northbound 880 stretch causing slowing for folks leaving san leandro heading towards oakland. lanes are blocked. you will be down to one lane from high street as you make your way through oakland. as we check out the drive time, middle bar, northbound 238 to the maze, about 14 minutes right now. if you're headed to sfo for an early morning flight, 101 southbound looks great from san francisco to sfo, nine minutes.
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smooth jazz will live liven up the south bay starting today. ♪ the san jose jazz summerfest returning. some of the headliners include the o jays, gregory porter and diane reeves. the jazz fest runs through sunday. next at 5:00 a.m., moving the pews out of the way for a different kind of activity. historic ka theed drals. an armed man sparks serious panic at a walmart. he entered the store with a bulletproof vest, assault rifle and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. a central valley city may be movi
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now at 5:00, san francisco police set up crime tape and search all over for evidence. the scene they responded to overnight. also ahead this morning, a tough decision for hundreds of local kids. which new backpack to pick at the annual giveaway this morning. 3,300 kids will show up for that. >> always good to look good on the first day of school. >> it makes a difference. good morning everyone. it is friday, august 9th. i'm kumasi >> i'm snoonatasha zouves. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. did you like the back-to-school days, mike? >> that was the one time of year i didn't have to wear hand me downs.


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